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Maurice “Moe” Ager experienced a lot of hardship and struggle growing up in the inner city of Detroit. Despite everything that was stackedagainst him, he worked hard and eventually made it into the NBA. Music was always a passion throughout his whole life and when the chance presented itself, Moe moved to Los Angeles to create inspiring music with a positive message.

“We really appreciate Maurice and what he represents to the community and our young men.” – Marvin Adams, Coach at Village Christian High School

Currently, Moe is seeking funding for his Melvin Farr music video, which he plans to show before every speaking engagment in order to captivate his audience and better relate his own experiences to theirs. Following the presentation there is a Q&A session where the young people get to ask him questions and get some real world advice from someone who knows what they’re going through, and who they respect.

Michigan Youth Conference at Western Michigan University
Southwest Christian College
Eastern Michigan University
Orange Youth Academy
NBA Rookie Transition Program
Village Christian High School
Various Anti-Bully Rallies
Sun Burst Academy Military School
The Mirman School

He has always had a passion for helping the youth with his positive message of hard work, strong belief, and dedication. We reached out to some of the hosts of Moe’s previous talks, and this is what they had to say about it…

“Maurice was beyond phenomenal, he connected with the youth and a real level, and when he left, the kids truly appreciated his sense of authenticity.” – Dan Dugger, Orange Juvi Academy

“Moe really spoke from the heart about his ups and downs, and spoke highly on following your passion.” – D. Davis, Coach at Eastern Michigan University

If you would like for Moe Ager to come share his life experiences, perform some live music, and inspire you and your team, you can contact him at


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